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This is when you know

This is when you know it's gone too far:

While at a happy hour with co-workers, your mom gives a bartender your URL as some kind of romantic setup technique. You feign horror that she would do this, but secretly hope that a) the bartender is cute, that b) he finds your online persona to be charming, and that c) he takes the time for your poorly-designed photo gallery to load and thinks you're hot. But you forget about it after a few days.

A few weeks later, and completely by coincidence, you are at the same bar. While talking to the bartender, you discover that he is the same bartender your mother was talking about. He admits that he never visted your website, and asks for the URL again. Tragically, you later realize that a) you had been drinking so you couldn't quite tell if he was cute, that b) your latest posts online have been about getting sick, breaking your cell phone, and being a total loser and c) who would bother letting that damn photo gallery load?

Then you realize how sick and funny the entire situation is, from start to finish.

And then you realize why you are single.

Posted June 19, 2002 5:36 PM | On This Day: 2006 2003