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I love my siblings. But

I love my siblings. But it's amazing how crazy they can drive you after spending a certain amount of time together.

It doesn't even matter how close you are. Like my brother, Austin, and I. We are really close friends. When he left for Ireland in 1999, I bawled my eyes out. I was so sad to see him go, and it was just painful to think about him being so far away from me for so long. About 6 months into his yearlong absence, my parents and I went to visit him. He met us in Dublin; we drove around Ireland and eventually dropped him off in Galway and flew out of Shannon. And once again, when we had to leave him, I cried. But during that road trip, I swear to God there were moments when I could have killed him with my bare hands. I firmly believe that my friendship with my brother is based on the fact that we don't live under the same roof.

Meghan & Nora, July 2001

I spent this past weekend up North with my sister, and after less than two days I had reverted back to my sullen pre-teen wish to be reincarnated as an only child. Of course, I love her. Dearly. But, cripes, sometimes it's like putting the wrong end of two magnets together - put us too close and of us shoots off violently in the other direction. To be fair, Nora is 8 years younger than me. Patrick, my other brother, is 10 years younger, while Austin is only a year and a half younger. So the two oldest kids and the two youngest kids are naturally closer to each other than to the others. My sister and I are just now trying to establish some kind of a friendship. I think as we get older, we will. It's just difficult because we both have very dominant personalities, but at the same time are really different people.

Oh and also I'm rubber and she's glue and...

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Glad you made it back in one piece.. too bad i couldn't catch a ride :)