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It's such a funny coincidence

It's such a funny coincidence that my cousin Lillian commented on my last post about what Mr. Big's real name might be (which I hope is not Richard, by the way). Funny because I was just talking to a friend of mine tonight about how he hates people named Chad or Andy, and it's amazing to me how someone's name can affect who they are to you, how you think of them, and what kind of personality you perceive that they have.

In the past, I've asked my parents what they would have named me (other than Meghan, of course). If I was a boy, I assume my name would have been Austin. Duh. But what's interesting is that my dad says wanted to name me Margaret (my mom's name, and his grandmother's name) and my mom said she kind of wanted to name me Dierdre. Can you imagine what kind of person I'd be if I was Margaret (no offense, ma) or Dierdre? Jesus, what if people called me Dee-dee?

And my Aunt Rita (Lillian's mom), her name is actually Mary Rita but she is so a Rita and not a Mary. It's just funny to me that names are so much more than just names. Like, a lot of poets I know perform under different names, and I've never understood how they can do that. It would just be so foreign to me to get up on stage as anything other than Meghan (although in Elementary school I remember wishing my name was Cindy).

Okay, and here's another thing: as a parent, how do you handle the pressure of giving someone a name?! When I was younger I used to make lists of what I would name a baby if I ever had one. At one point I wanted to name a child Crystal and later I had my heart set on Jamaica. It's okay to be alarmed at that information.

Lastly, file this under "Totally Retarded": the #22 most popular baby name for girls in 2001 was Destiny. *gag*

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I have read several articles lately about the preponderance of geoffrey's that become a geologists and dennis's that become dentists, though I can't find a link right now; so the question is, wtf are matt and meghan supposed to become?

I'm not touching that one, Matt. But I will say I heard about a guy named Jubilant last night. And I thought it was cool. Jubilant Johnson.I wanna meet his mom.

That sounds like a porn star name.

as does the name Crystal Destiny, or perhaps Jamaica Crystal.Jamaica Destiny sounds like some kind of Jamaican proverb. "Jamaica ya ohn Destiny, Child."

I wonder if the preception of what is an exotic name will change, now that these stripper names are becoming more common real names.......maybe olde tyme names will slowly shift into the role of stripper names.in about 20 years, we could have a lot of strippers using names like Inez or Aldora.....or Laura Ingels Wilder......it's kind of disturbing, thinking my grandmother's name could be swiped by some aspiring stripper . And, for the record, I'm not aroused by this at all.

Many of the chief executives have awesome sounding names: Dwight D. Eisenhower. James Madison. Franklin D. Roosevelt. Ulysses S. Grant. Calvin Coolidge.Gerald Rudolph Ford was born Leslie Lynch King. Of course, he was an accidental president in the sense that he wasn't directly elected to the office, but prior to becoming Nixon's VP he was the House minority leader. So, I wonder if he would have made it so far with his orignal name.

what does it say about our leadership when Gerald Ford, and Jesse Ventura - Both from MN - found their way to leadership roles with changed names? I bet we'll be the first state to have a governor with a single name. like Renaldo or whatever that soccer player's name is. or Prince... imagine a governor with butt-less pants.

Thats been my favorite name since I was little..but yes it does sound like a stripper name.

There is a relationship between your name and numerology, so they say. Depending on how you write it or what name you use (does not have to be the "official") such are your fate or tendencies.

What about Misty??