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Wow. I'm getting lazy about

Wow. I'm getting lazy about my posts. I had a great weekend offline, though. I spent a lot of time with my mama, which was nice. She's rad.

Friday I bought my first air conditioner, and then did my laundry at my parents' house and watched Pi. It was a really good movie, but really hard to watch. I just had another migraine this week, so watching the main character tweak out and smack himself in the head hit a little too close to home.

Saturday I had breakfast at Key's with Caryn, (vegetarian eggs Benedict, highly recommended. Instead of ham they use spinach and tomato.) and bid her farewell. She's back in DC now. Then I went back to my parents' to pick up Patrick (youngest brother, a.k.a. slave who must do my bidding or get punched in the arm), and he came over to install my AC. He did a bang-up job, I must say. Of course, all my graditude flew out the window when he decided that he really needed to take a crap in my studio apartment AFTER we had closed all the windows. grr. After that I went to Old Navy, got a cute little dress (on sale. yee!), and then went to get my hair done. Hair Update: I kept the platinum and added two different shades of brown lowlights and some bangs. Incidentally, while Amy was doing my hair, she asked, "So how's your love life?" I responded, "Ehh. So-so." *pause* "Oh, who am I kidding, it's TOTALLY CRACKED!" But that's another show.

Saturday evening I went to Bobino with my mom, her friend Barbara and my aunt Rita. I wore a naughty schoolgirl outfit which was super fun: black mary janes, little white socks, and a short plaid skirt. It probably would have gone over better if all of the men at the restaurant hadn't have been gay, but that's what you get for going out for a cocktail on Pride weekend.

This morning, I got up and went around the lake (time: 36:41) and then balanced my checkbook. I realized with horror that I really couldn't afford the air conditioner I just bought, so I went back to the store and had them switch the charge from my check card to my Mastercard. Which sucks because I'm trying to pay off the Mastercard, but also rules because it's 75 degrees in my apartment and 92 degrees outside. After that I went to Caribou, where the guy behind the counter gave me a free coffee cooler. I'm not sure why, but I wasn't about to argue. I sat down to read the newspaper (which I had brazenly stolen from the lobby of my apartment building because I'm a bad, bad girl), and then realized that my stealing had been duly punished: I accidentally stole yesterday's paper. bah. I tried to do the crossword, and only got two answers. But it was fun, anyway. Then I went to see Minority Report with my mom (this was a mega-Margaret weekend, apparently), which was good. Except that from the time we got to the theater at 3:00 until we left at 6:15 I had to pee three times, and I missed the big chase scene. bah.

After that I went to Matt & Annette's for a lovely dinner, and then we somehow got sucked in to "Bachelorettes in Alaska." That show is fucked up beyond belief, but of course I have to watch next week because it's the final episode where the 5 women trudge to "Proposal Point" though the snow in wedding dresses and wait for their "Man on Ice" to either show up, or leave them standing there like a tool. It's so messed up that I'm tempted to apply for the next series. Actually, wait, the freakshow that is my love life would make for good TV on it's own. It doesn't need any additional gimmicks.

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Gosh, you're funny. Came here via that "recently updated blogs" thingy on blogger.com. Glad I did. You seem very real and very down-to-earth. Maybe you're not but it's still neat that you at least *seem* that way. *claps*

Okay, I know I left a comment already, but no one set a limit, so I'm commenting again. ha.I think, after reading (okay, fine, skimming-ish), the other posts on this page, I realized that your persona on this blog is pretty similar to Bridget Jones.I just thought you'd like to know.Then again, I'm probably wrong. :-p

"These words I write to keep me from total madness." - Charles Bukowski

Bridget Jones. Hah!!

Dear Bridget-I am married and horny. Will you go out with me?Love,hugh

Dear Bridget-I am married and horny. Will you go out with me?Love,hugh


Yay! I love when strangers visit and post. I *heart* Bridget Jones, so while I don't intentionally mean to sound like her, I consider it a compliment if I do.

I like that you had a "mega-Margaret weekend". I have those every once in awhile too, where you spend far too much time with mom.Dear Bridget,What does it mean when I go to bars with my mom dressed up like a Catholic school girl? Is this considered weird behavior?Please tell me I'm normal!--Seriously Confused

Psssh. Bridget always had time to update *HER* diary. What about you, Irish-Girl? Hmmmm? I need some reading material here..... tsk tsk.