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Last night was much too

Last night was much too interesting for a Monday.

Laurie was in town from LA, so I met her and her friend Emily at Brit's. We sat at the bar, had a gin & tonic, and got caught up on each other's lives. Aw, sweet. Then the sweaty post-game soccer players showed up. Game on. We called Becca, who had been volunteering at the animal shelter, to see if she was coming out to play. She had just been sprayed by a skunk, and was reluctant. But the lure of soccer hotties was too strong; she took a tomato juice sponge bath and came down for a drink. What a trooper.

She went home after Brit's (like any smart girl would), but as part of my "never wonder what-if I woulda..." plan for living, I decided that going to the Minneapolis Cafe for service industry night would be the more intelligent choice for me. Nevermind the fact that I'm not in the service industry. This place was insane: on a Monday night, the line to get in is around the block. We get in line, and Laurie and Emily start making calls. They get in touch with some guy who is inside, and says he can get us in. A few moments later, a waiter comes out from around the back of the building and says, "Emily?" We turn around. "This way," he says, and takes us into the loading dock area and through the fucking kitchen. I kid you not. So we're walking through with our little outfits on, past guys with ice buckets and dirty dishes: it was like something out of a movie. The best part is, as he's sneaking us in, he checks our IDs just to make sure he's not smuggling in minors. That truly cracked me up. We end up finding the guy who orchestrated our entrance, talked to him for about two minutes, danced for a while...and then I took off. And that, friends, was my Monday night.

I'm watching The Iron Giant on the Cartoon Network right now. It's the end part where the giant dies, ("Superman...") and I might cry. I think that means it's my bedtime.

One question, though: how come in movies the scrappy kid always has a mom who's a waitress?

Posted July 2, 2002 11:04 PM



oh what a night... thanks for helping make my Monday night back in MN truly unforgettable! can you post those pix??? you have to see the soccer player(s) to really appreciate the story.... And - wasn't there another scandalous tidbit you are leaving out?