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Amusement of the day: looking

Amusement of the day: looking at my webstats and seeing what search strings people use to find me:

Most disturbing:
"little girl photos" (April)
"photo girl at bathroom (May)
"hairy irish wives" (June)
"daddy dont spank me" (July)

Most flattering:
"www.spice girl.com" (April)
"cute girl.com" (May)

Most likely to be used by me in the near future:
"graffiti that says meghan" (May)

Most perplexing (as in, how did my site become associated with this on a search engine?):
"giants san francisco cap" (May)
"abercrombie catalog" (May)
"atheist front" (June)
"deer attack man" (June)
"bugs multi legged" (July)

Posted July 3, 2002 12:40 PM


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Maybe if I put the following words down, you'll be associated with those too. Ready? ARE YOU READDDDY??? Here we gooooo!*Sandwhiches*Balogna*Ice cream*Tin Man*Scissors*Honey*Fix*Paint*Holler*Gift*Buck*Soda*Star-gazing*Ice-fishing*Tornado-Watchinggo on, search. I dare ya.