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My brief crush on Bachelorettes

My brief crush on Bachelorettes in Alaska is officially over. I watched the season finale last night, and I was disgusted with myself for not turning the channel.

Here's what really pisses me off. They billed the show as the female counterpart to The Bachelor, a totally gross show where like 25 girls fawned over some jackass because he was vaguely cute, had money, and was set up by the producers as the most eligible bachelor in America. So we got to watch for weeks while he screwed around with all these girls, kicking them off his little sexual island one at a time, until he finally chose the cute blonde with fake tits (no offense, Amanda). Of course, he didn't want to actually marry her, he just wanted to keep dating, so all of America felt ripped off.

For Bachelorettes in Alaska they send 5 women to a state that is populated with the most desperate and lonely men in the country. But instead of these women getting to enjoy this total smorgasbord of men, they each have to pick one "Man on Ice" each week. Now, I only saw two episodes so I'm not sure how this other part works out, but there's something called a "plea" that the men can make if they're not the chosen "Man on Ice" at the moment. Anytime a man makes a plea, the woman gets money for her dowry. Because so many of us are trying to build up a decent dowry these days.

To add to this insanity, during the last episode the women were allowed to pick one additional Man on Ice for the week -- just to threaten their current Man, apparently. At the end of the week, they choose their final guy, then don a wedding dress and hike out to Promise Lake in full regalia. Then they sit there in the cold and wait for a plane to arrive. The plane is either carrying the guy they chose, or it's empty and, as the host says, "their romantic journey is over and they are free to go home [dramatic pause] alone."

So, even though this show has more men than women, it still boils down to the women humiliating themselves just to snag a husband. Why is this? Is it that we can't stand to watch a woman behave the same way The Bachelor did, or because we can't watch men behave the way his potential wives did? Whatever the reason, it's totally ridiculous and it's starting to piss me off.

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Yes ma’am, we the people totally agree. Yet, is there a correlation between those of us who are uncomfortable with the conventional sexual roles to which society expects us to conform, and those of us who can’t get a date? It’s like if you adhere to the rules then you simply marry your Prom date; If you ask too many questions, you find yourself alone. “Being in love is simply a presentation of our pasts to another individual, mostly packages so unwieldy that we can no longer manage the loosened strings alone. Looking for love is like asking for a new point of departure, another chance in life.” - Zelda Sayre (from “Save Me The Waltz” – her answer to her husband F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Tender Is The Night”)

How could Fox do this to their long-standing pro-female reputation?All those years of building good relations with the female populace with programming such as 'Married With Children' and 'Ally McBeal' where women are cast as independant, stable, whole people and not merely sexual objects fawned over by men and eventually traded away once the man is bored is totally washed away.Next thing you know, the WWF might break it's long standing bond with independant women, too.I know it's disappointing to see women treated differently than men, but I don't think this is one to get too pissed off about. I'd be more pissed about instances in the real world, where people don't get a big fat check to feel like they were shitted on by a man/jerk.But I'm kind of an asshole so don't listen to me.

I tend to agree with Kohout. (Woah, never thought I'd be typing that!)Let me express this sentiment: As disgusted with yourself as you were last night for not changing the channel, I am that much MORE disgusted with you for watching the show in the first place.I wonder what the show's demographics are. I can't imagine the vast majority of people watching that show are men. So you would think they would try to show some tact.

Points well taken, gentlemen.And the fact that I bitch about it, yet I couldn't turn the channel is not lost on me: that's how we (as a society) are. Finding these shows on TV is like driving by a car accident - the high ratings they get are the equivalent of a rubbernecking slowdown on the highway.

it's a shame that shows like that can't even provide quality entertainment. instead, it's a pathetic attempt at poking fun at old traditions. if you want to be entertained, install warcraft 3. if you want to be consistently disgusted and have blatant propaganda shoved down your throat, grab the remote control.

I hate women.Do you think I could get a job at Fox?