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In the words of Ice

In the words of Ice Cube, "It was a good day."

I moved desks at work today (I would say I moved offices, we pretty much all share one room), and my new desk is way better. Of course, it was a hassle moving my lamp, and my collection of plastic tiaras, but it was worth it.

I met Becca at the Basilica after work for a volunteer meeting; we're doing band transport for the block party from 9-5 on Saturday. So we have to go to the airport, pick bands up and bring them to the venue. If they want to go to the hotel, we have to bring them there. We are not allowed to ask for autographs or take them to bars, though. We can only go to and from the airport, hotel and venue. Harrumph. But, we do get in free on Saturday night to see the show, so that's cool. I'm not really in love with any of the bands that night (Gin Blossoms, Spin Doctors, Seven Mary Three, Sister Hazel, Neil Finn, Phantom Planet), but heck it's a free show and a chance to mingle with 13,000 of my closest friends.

After that I had the opportunity to go out for a drink, but I passed in favor of exercising (everyone I know just fainted with surprise). I stopped at the Co-op (today's take: 1 box frozen Dal Masala Curry, 1 bag Jasmine rice, 1 box Berry Veggie Vruit Juice, 1 box Quilt Crackers, 2 frozen bean and soy cheese burritos, 2 nectarines, 1 Hass avocado, 1 cucumber, 1 green zucchini, 1 yellow zucchini, 1 bag baby carrots), did the lake (time: 35:51), and came home to find a note from my doctor that says my blood tests were normal, my pap was normal (gross, but true!), my triglyceride level is fine, cholesterol is 182 (less than 200 is considered "desirable"), and my HDL level is 70 (40-60 is acceptable, 60+ is desirable). So, I feel very healthy right now. *sips water*

Oh, and from the Jackasses of America department:
I'm at the Co-op and this woman walks in, and goes up to the juice bar:
Woman (loudly): Do you have Diet Coke?
Juice Bar Lady (amused): No.
Woman (incredulous): In this whole store, you don't have Diet Coke? Nowhere in this store?
Juice Bar Lady: No.

I almost laughed out loud, because it would take a blind person or an idiot to not realize that this place carries hippie food only. Actually no, even a blind person would know because they could smell the naturally organic armpits of most of the people in there on a day like today.

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What? No coke at the Co-op? Lordy! That's like the other day at the Dairy Queen. Can you believe that I couldn't get a lube job for my ride while I waited for my shake and burger? These speciality stores are a godamn disgrace.

While the Diet Coke anecdote is amusing, I had a similar experience recently when I was buying fresh mangos at the co-op. I wanted to eat the mangos right away, and didn't have time to stop at home. So naturally, I looked for a knife in the store. None. They have those little plastic complimentary knives as you leave the store, but there isn't a single one for sale, and nothing that would cut mango-skin. (Although I did eventually hack through it with the plasticware.)I was a tiny bit riled (but not visibly, I hope) that they didn't have knives for sale, so a kind person behind the hot food counter told me I should just have the fruit-section people cut the mango for me. But when I got there, the fruit-manager shook his head, and despite several willing fruit-cutting-lackeys, his word was god.To think, a my dinner spoiled by a fruit-manager!

fruit manager? i reckon it sounds like he was a ho-mo, and you know what the good lord says 'bout dem good fer nothin' ho-mos!

True story,
Board chinese fella, living in china and working in a grocery
store. Sick and tired of the patern his life is taking, decides to spin a map of the world and see where his finger will land and what do you know it lands on the good old emerald isle. (Ireland). So Chun Lea decided that the most polite thing to do before he sets of to live and work in ireland is to learn the language, He looks up the Country Details to find Population = 4 Million, Capital = Dublin and Language = Gaelige.
Chun spends six months learning the language only to arrive and find nobody speaks it. poor fella. He went and worked in the Gaelteacht.