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original sin she's fearless i'm

original sin

she's fearless i'm jealous
because she says she's something
and everyone believes her
loves her wants more from her
i think i'm something i just don't want
to have to tell you that
i just want it to happen or
i want to make it happen
in such a way that you can't tell
i made it happen so that
i can look graciously surprised
like how i want you to think
it's a coincidence that my lips
are shiny and taste of watermelon
whenever you come over
sneaky like that because
that's more impressive
not like her that's not right
walking around like la-di-da
talking about herself how
she's so great and she's not waiting
to be discovered like America
by a santa maria with a bad
sense of direction she just unhooked
the continent, floated off
and discovered herself

Posted July 10, 2002 9:37 PM



Hey, swell poem, ma’am. Rocking good family fun. But just who is the fearless broad that inspired this poem? Hmmm. Could it be Mae Schunk?

I want to be her.