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Brushes with fame. The whole

Brushes with fame.

The whole volunteer thing was a little disorganized. When Becca and I arrived none of the places we had been told to go were even open. So, we went to the main production trailer, which was by the big stage. There we learned that the two guys we were supposed to do the run with (there are generally two people in each van so that one person can run in and fetch people from the airport or hotel lobby) had left without us. So we had to sit around for an hour or so waiting for our next run, which ended up to be taking Seven Mary Three from the big stage to their hotel. They wanted to know where a good place to get a sandwich would be, and I suggested Key's Cafe (although someone else got credit for my idea with the band, thereby ruining my dream of the lead singer saying, "You have such good taste in delis, would you marry me?). I heard later they loved Key's. *sigh* Anyway, they were (in Becca's words), "super sweetastic." They offered to steal cookies from their hotel for us. The lead singer was sporting the cutest fauxhawk I've ever seen, and these old-school checkered Vans.

Jason Ross, fantasy husband

The next run was supposed to be at noon, bringing the Gin Blossoms from sound check to their hotel. But, their sound check ran really late, so we sunbathed for a couple of hours backstage and then went to pick up 2 Phantom Planet crew members and their gear from their hotel and bring them to the small stage. They were nice, but all business: you could tell that getting ready for the show was on their minds.

After that, we picked up Sister Hazel from their sound check at the small stage, and brought them back to their hotel. They were really, really, nice. They talked to us a lot, and the lead singer made a point of stopping as he was getting out of the van and saying, "Thank you." We also ran over and got their crew from sound check and dropped them off at their hotel -- they wanted to be picked up again at 5:15. By this point, we were full-on into the Sister Hazel boys, so we requested that run and brought them to their stage to drop off some stuff, then brought them to the other stage so they could watch Seven Mary Three play, then brought them back to their stage again for their show. We developed as close a relationship as can be expected from that many five-minute van rides, which resulted in them giving us their room key and $50 to go get them some beer and put it in their room. We couldn't very well pass up an offer like that, so we did it. It was so very Almost Famous.

We went backstage after that to return their room key, and they invited us to stay and hang out. But, by that time we had been working for almost twelve hours, we were sweaty and disgusting, and we just wanted to go home. Plus, I started to get this weird groupie vibe that I didn't like. Hanging out with them probably would have been fun and all, but what would I have really gotten from it? I kept thinking to myself, "...and where would that get me?" It felt weird to want to hang out with someone just because they're famous, like wanting to take a photograph of an Amish person. And frankly, I don't care how famous you are: the thought of sitting in a hotel room drinking Bud Light with you is not exactly appealing.

Oh, and my wish to give Jason Schwartzman a ride came true; on Sunday morning I picked him (and his band) up and brought them to the airport. But between my newfound love of Jason Ross and the fact that one of the band members farted incessantly on the way to the airport (causing me at one point to exclaim, "Oh my God!" and roll the windows down, which I'm sure is not what a professional driver would have done...but, really!), the experience was slightly less than I had hoped for.

But I'm definitely gonna do band transport again next year. Duh.

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I know how you feel about how it was very Almost Famous--I get that same feeling in the past when I had the honor to work with Matt Lee.Working with Matt Lee was the most fun. So many times it made me almost pee myself--to think I was just one word from sitting next to Stan Lee or Spike Lee or Jason Lee. Not to mention Bruce Lee, of course.But then I got over it, and realized he was just a long haired pinko with a really common last name.But I'm glad that you not only had fun but had a chance to shag a rock star-one performing for God no less! Next year, let me know if you can hook me up. I'd screw Sister Hazel if you won't ( I've always been my dream to be a semi-Star fucker! ). Plus, I'm good at carrying luggage.kohout

Damn, I gotta keep up with this modern music scene. No wonder I couldn't make sense of that groupie stuff when I read it the first time ... I just realized that Sister Hazel and Seven Mary Three are all dudes, right?

haha. yep, they're all dudes.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

I pick 'laugh' for $400, Alex.