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My new favorite.

My new favorite.

Posted July 17, 2002 10:21 AM | On This Day: 2005 2003



that guy scares the shit out of me. plus he's a goof...and I don't even think he knows it.at least I know I'm a joke on 2 legs

What's going on with the bloody nose? You would have thought he'd clean himself up before having the picture taken.

bloody nose = bad ass muthafucka

I just picked up 'I Get Wet' at Target and there was a black sheet of plastic covering his bloody nose. Since when did bloody noses become taboo?A thought - I got this at the 'Targhetto' on Lake and Hiawatha and think most of the employees in the store should have had little black plastic covering their various parts.

see, i think i bought my copy at target, too...but i don't remember the black plastic part.remember when the black crowes had to cover their album 'cause the lady on the cover had some "jazz hands" sticking out from her bikini bottom?since when is a bloody nose as offensive as out of control pubic hair?!and how come when i go to blockbuster, the "family" video store, they have copies of the movie "killjoy" (with a crazy killer clown with jagged teeth) sitting on the shelf at EYE LEVEL for a TWO YEAR OLD?this world is nuts.