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Sometimes Heather Nova makes me

Sometimes Heather Nova makes me want to cry. Right at my desk.

Posted July 17, 2002 4:53 PM | On This Day: 2005 2003



Yes ma'am, Heather is hotter than Billy Be Doggone Bangtree. Check her new South album. It totally rocks ...

Hey, is this chat box simply using a regular cgi-bin script? I think the a href="..." HTML tag isn't properly recognized when it's entered in this box. It's a small detail but I figured I'd best mention it ... you know, just in case you're hoping to keep your customers happy and all. Just kidding ... but yeah, I think there is something busted.

I kind of hate this commenting thing in general. Mayee someday my nice friend Marty will reinstate my dotcomments, which were much nicer.Or, I might switch to Moveable Type instead of Blogger -- MT has commenting built right in.

PLEASE email me and tell me WHERE you came up with phrase billy be doggone bangtree...
I have been trying to track down WHERE and WHAT i saw on tv in 50s or 60s with a character of that name. My recollection is of a Studio One presentation with the character a cowboy in a dramatic or romantic role.
Many THANKS in advance
Mike Newbill
Fort Worth TX

my email address is