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You know what I hate?

You know what I hate? When you sit there wondering if you should call someone, and you finally decide, "Yes, I should call them." Then, as soon as they pick up the phone you realize that calling that person was a really dumb idea.

Posted July 18, 2002 12:18 PM | On This Day: 2005



if you do that, when they pick up the phone and you hear their voice say "oh so-and-so? I guess I pressed the wrong speed dial number or dialed the wrong number! Sorry! Talk to you later buddy!"you still feel kind of dumb but less than if you talked about your stupid stuff.not that this is from experience or anything.

Leastways on the phone you can kind of hide behind that speed-dial excuse. It's majorly worse if you go up to talk to someone in real life and make a total ass out of yourself in front of her (or him) because you misjudged the situation. Yet I think Freud said something about the reason that we sustain our bad relationships ... or lack of relationship ... is primarily due to our inability to overcome our shyness in new situations. Pardon me for being a major geek but may I please try this code: Star Tribune

Oh, it still don't work. I wanted to try the cgi-bin script for the HTML link which I can't make operate correctly on something else either. I thought I'd figured out what's wrong. Sorry for troubling anyone. Yeah, I agree with the Prosecution's argument from yesterday: I don't like this Blogger thing either.

if i do that irl, i typically just say "oh, sorry, i dialed the wrong reality. i didn't actually want to talk to you." and then i walk away.that, and "the sound of your voice is making me sick to my stomache, i'll catch you later buddy!" seem to work like a charm.

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