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"Desperation. It's the world's worst

"Desperation. It's the world's worst cologne."
- Singles

Sometime real soon I'll tell you how this quote relates to my life.

Posted July 23, 2002 12:54 AM


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My favorite quote for when you're feeling down: “It's funny but on good days I don't think of her so much. In fact never. I never just say Hi when the sun is on my tongue and my belly is all warm. On bad days I talk to Death constantly, not about suicide because honestly that's not dramatic enough. Most of us love the stage and suicide is definitely your last performance and being addicted to the stage, suicide was never an option - plus people get to look you over and stare at your fatty bits and you can't cross your legs to give that flattering thigh angle and that's depressing. So we talk. She says things no one else seems to come up with, like let's have a hotdog and then it's like nothing's impossible.” – Tori Amos