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The law of supply and

The law of supply and demand is hard at work at meet-an-inmate.com: male penpals are free, but females will cost you $3.00.

Posted July 24, 2002 11:32 AM



Woah! Hot lesbian jailhouse chicks on cocaine. Hot damn!

It's part of the "menses tax" imposed on all paperwork associated with female inmates. The cost of this monthly event must be collected somehow, and in this way the burden is not placed upon the state (since men do not incur this ever increasing expense) but rather interested individuals who are willing to assist the state with this cost which reaches into the millions at an institutional level.

Hey, but isn't this $3 levy on men seeking women inmates further proof of the principle that one way or another, men have to pay for sex. Admittedly, this is a very cynical observation, but if you look at many relationships, there often seems to be some kind of quid pro quo arrangement."I clearly remember my first sexual experience: in fact, I still have the receipt." Woody Allen