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I'm not ready to be

I'm not ready to be at work today; I'm waiting for a client to arrive for a meeting, drinking my large coffee with cream, and feeling disaffected. The office cat is on a chair next to my desk, napping like a champ. The office cat is insane; a few months after they brought her here they caught her chewing on the computer wires. Apparently, during a meeting one morning, she hopped up on the conference room table and chomped a wire, causing blue sparks to shoot out of her mouth. According to everyone around here, she hasn't been the same since. She drools, sometimes she walks backwards, and sometimes she just looks at the floor in an asylum sort of way. It's very creepy.

So, the weekend. Friday night there was really no reason to leave the house: I had an order of Tofu Pad Thai, the latest issue of InStyle, and the last half of the 3rd Season of Sex & The City on VHS. I was going to paint my nails, too, but turns out that was too ambitious.

I had the best intentions on Saturday. I was going to get up at a decent hour, go running, and then get a bunch of stuff done. Unfortunately, I woke up at about 11 craving sunbathing and breakfast from The Egg & I. I put on my suit and went and got an omelette, but of course when I was done the sky had magically clouded over. Bah! So I ran some errands to help Nancy get ready for Chuck & Jamie's baby shower that afternoon. Went to the shower, which was very nice, then went home to get ready to go out that night with Grant. Tried the Royal Tenenbaums eyeliner look, which was successful. Went to Sursumcorda to see John & Nils play. After that, we used Misty's connections to get into The Lounge. Didn't have to sneak in through the kitchen at this place, but it was a fun nonetheless. The bouncers were wearing kilts for some reason. *meow* I gave one of them my phone number -- and he has already called. None of this waiting five-days Swingers bullshit. How refreshing. But what if I don't like him without a kilt and he doesn't like me without eyeliner?! Time will tell.

Sunday was a four-hour NPS working session and the weekly family dinner. Oh, and I saw the new Austin Powers movie. It was worth the matinee admission; I laughed out loud several times. Of course, like always, I had Sir Yapsalot in front of me. Except, he wasn't the usual chatting guy. Instead it was the guy who seems almost slightly retarded and says, "Aw, jeez!" really loudly to his companion after certain jokes. At one point I found myself leaning forward and going "Sh!" forcefully. It didn't do a damn bit of good, but it made me feel better.

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have I told you lately that I love you?

That cat sounds perfectly normal to me. Think about it. If you spent all your time in an office, wouldn't you being losing a bit of sanity too? The thing I'd be more worried about, personally, is the cat developing superpowers from that unfortunate blue sparks incident.

at least the cat can relax.my parents cat is on such high alert all the time it's funny. You clap your hands from the other side of the room and the thing jumps. While I feel sorry for the cat, I feel even worse for the dog because of the cat's condition. The poor dog has become the toy with which the cat tries to take it's aggression out on. But the cat is too weak and the dog is still to fast (and too stupid to notice), so that cat can't even get a chunk out of the dog. poor ben.