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I went to Barnes &

I went to Barnes & Noble last night in search of some books on healthy eating. I've been bombarded lately with different diet ideas (especially low carb diets) and I wanted to do a little reasearch. HOLY CRAP. There are like a thousand different books and they all have different things to say.

For example:
- Christiane Northrup says I shouldn't eat dairy because I'm a woman.
- Peter D'Adamo says I should eat lots of dairy because my blood type is B+.
- The Duchess of York says I should eat low-fat and count my food as points..
- Robert Atkins says the fat doesn't matter, but I should avoid carbs and put my body into a state of ketosis.
- H. Leighton Steward says sugar is the devil, even when it's in carrots.

So I bought The Four Agreements and went running.

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I prefer the "eat all you want, puke in the toilet" diet.leaves you with minty fresh breath too!** if all you eat is mint

looks like you could have gotten a deal on "The Mastery of Love: A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship." if you would have gotten them together...

random food fact: The tomato is technically a berry and thus a fruit, despite an 1893 U.S. Supreme Court decision that declared it a vegetable. John Nix, an importer of West Indies tomatoes brought suit to lift a 10% tariff mandated by Congress on imported vegetables. Nix argued that the tomato is a fruit. The court held that since a tomato was consumed as a vegetable rather than as a dessert-like fruit, it was a vegetable.I read it in "Self" magazine, so it must be true.

the four agreements changed my life.no shit.