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I'm hosting a poetry slam

I'm hosting a poetry slam tonight and you know what? I'm nervous. I haven't been on stage since I hosted the Erotica Slam in February 2001. I get nervous because I want to be the best. I want people to leave that night and think I'm the wittiest host they've ever seen. Failure of any kind scares me. Mediocrity scares me, too. Hold me, I'm scared.

I told my little sister I was nervous, and she said, "You'll be great. Because I'm great and it probably runs in the family."

Posted July 31, 2002 3:34 PM



you were perfect. I saw you.perfect.jesus' eyes creeped me out.but you --- you rocked.

Good luck tonight, ma'am.Golly! Gov. Jesse is gonna be in a new movie. Click this for full details ... Jesse movie