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In perfect contrast to Friday's

In perfect contrast to Friday's exuberance, tonight I have the Sunday night blues. Sometimes the un-glamorousness of life can be so frustrating: hauling your laundry up two flights of stairs, accidentally stepping in cat shit at your parents' house, gaining 5 pounds (why why why did I weigh myself a week before my 10-year high school reunion?!). I feel like I'm in the process of changing my life, but it's so slow. Like a baby being born or something. My life keeps having contractions but I still can't see the head.

Also, I think I've figured out my problem with Catholicism. I was listening to that pet psychic being interviewed on NPR, and she was talking about how pets can be reincarnated and I thought, "That's it!" Catholics don't believe in reincarnation, which is really, if you think about it, the religious equivalent of recycling. That makes Heaven and Hell like landfills for souls. Well, I'm against landfills.

Posted August 5, 2002 12:39 AM



Two additional reincarnation mysteries:#1. Is reincarnation a personal experience? Our lives could be the product and the causation of other lives but that is not the same as our having personal awareness of those other lives. (To use an analogy: A dollar that you deposit at a bank is not the exact same dollar that you withdraw. The deposited dollar gives existence to the withdrawn dollar … but they are not the same dollar.) In Memories, Dreams, Reflections Carl Jung puzzles over this same question. Buddha fails to provide an unequivocal answer.#2. Oblique references to reincarnation are made in the Bible. For instance, in the Gospel of St. John, Chapter 9 (I think?) Jesus cures the man who is blind from birth and the disciples ask him whether the man was born blind as punishment for his own sins or for his parent’s sins. Now that question makes no sense unless Jesus and the disciples are talking about the blind man having lived before his current life. Otherwise, how could he have been born blind as punishment for his own sins?

sometimes you say things that I think are positively brilliant. that baby's gonna pop out and wow the world. just you wait.