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No one looked good

No one looked good as a freshman, right?

My high school reunion is Saturday. A friend gave me the following advice:

"Have fun at your high school reunion. Lust reigns at these events. Memory is selective. It might be a good night to get laid. Don't be careful."

Enough said.

Posted August 8, 2002 5:10 PM | On This Day: 2005



oh my--that's funny shit.I didn't go to my reunion. what the hell could we have to say? nothing truthful anyway. so I know nothing about the lust thing. but I hear I missed a hell of a BBQ!

You can tell them all about getting rice stuck in your nose!!

I anticipate that 401(k) performance, remodeling the kitchen, IMOs, the kids’ orthodontist’s bills, and mortgage repayments will most likely feature pretty heavily in any conversation.

wow i had no idea. maybe i'll start attending all sorts of highschool reunions. i mean nobody is going to remember if i actually went to hight school with them right?

rather that kitchen talk and kids' orthodontia I would think it's more like there are a few people dominating the conversation who feel like they are so much better off than everyone else - although they leave wondering why they're not married yet. and the others who are married are thinking, "damn, i'm so much better off than them - if I just hadn't gotten married so soon..."and then there are those who sit at the bar getting stupid, eventually having a serious make-out session etc. that spend the car ride home, you know - justifying...THEN - there are those, like me, who sit in the corner thinking o O (I shouldn't have eaten that extra slab of beef tenderloin after picking up the slack on my neighbors remaining chicken kiev hunk... ugh..."...or maybe not...

Damn, and to think I just missed the deadline to RSVP for mine. I didn't realize that I'd miss out on the Lust! ;)