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The first day of National

The first day of National Poetry Slam is now over. Okay, so it's not really the first day since the teams don't even register until tomorrow. But, we did have an open mic at Kieran's and we watched some of the early-arriving poets perform. Who knew people from Florida were such good poets?!

I spent the day hauling boxes of merchandise: t-shirts, donated pop tarts, videotapes, books, etc. into our headquaters at the hotel. Tomorrow, more errands and then back to Kieran's to prepare for 56 teams to arrive and register. Big show at South Beach tomorrow night with Edupoetic Enterbrainment, but I might just go home and go to bed and prepare for the debauchery of the coming week: late nights, cocktails and poets. Spontaneous combustion will surely ensue.

This is fun.

P.S. Guess who I saw read a poem tonight? My friend Marty.

Posted August 12, 2002 11:10 PM



Obscure Florida writer/poet fact: Tennessee Williams, Ernest Hemingway, and Robert Frost all independently lived for a time in Key West, Fl.

Erhm..the Hemingway bit is about as obscure as knowing Garrison Keillor hangs in MN. Though his pad in Cuba appears to be rockin'..., and hagiographically well preserved, (right down to the bonghits still in his one-y on his desk) according to the public television documentary.

i went to his house in Key West when I was 13. Key West really isn't florida though, hehe...