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Day two. I'm eating a

Day two. I'm eating a takeout rice noodle salad from Kinh Do and trying to catch my breath. I spent most of the day running errands: picking up snacks for HQ at Sam's Club, extra stopwatches at Target, and freshly screen-printed shirts from Arthouse. We had registration at Kieran's all afternoon and it went really smoothly.

I got to meet Beau Sia and Taylor Mali, and I saw The Shane (although I didn't meet him yet). These names probably mean nothing to you, but in the world of slam these are brushes with fame.

It's really cool to be surrounded by so many creative people; last night at the Open Mic three ideas for poems came to me out of thin air. There's something about being in a room with other creative people that feeds your mind in a really cool way. Of course, the flip side is dickhead egos and people with no talent who suck out all your energy. But so far, I haven't run into that.

Starting tomorrow, I'm staying at a hotel downtown. So if I don't post, it means I have no Internet access. Please miss me and clamor for my speedy return. Or just come down to the fucking slam and visit me.

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Yikes! No internet access? Ma’am, that is majorly harsh. Be sure to demand a discount on the hotel bill.Hey, why is it called “slam”? I figure it might be something to do with one definition of slam being to strike or beat which is then applied to the sense of beating out a rhythm in a poem. Or it could simply be in the sense winning a tournament as in grand slam or as in baseball (the home run with loaded bases?). Hmmm. Well, it’s a bit geeky but since this is about poetry and words and stuff I wondered if anyone knew?

Poetry slam eh? What a crazy idea. Are you reading any?

I went last night (Meghan was my venue manager--a very good one, I will add) and it was awesome.Basically this is how the slam works-a poet(or a group of poets) goes on stage and has 3 minutes to recite a poem. They can't have any props or nonvocal accompyment. Then they are scored-5 boards are distributed to the audience and the 5 people holding the boards judge them olympic style(1 through 10, ten being the best). Then other people from their team go, and the numbers are tallied up.Then the winner is raised up on crowd's shoulders and one finger(or toe) is removed from each member or the loosing team and given to each winner to put on their keychain.Simple, gruesome, fun!

It was a genuine pleasure to meet you. Anyway, you can drop the restraining order... I promise not to bother your parents again... Also, I don't know where your ex boyfriends are, so please ask the Feds to stop coming by the "compound."Sincerely, MK Ultra(In a Secure Location)