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I feel hollow. I'm not

I feel hollow. I'm not sure what it is, if it's just part of recovering from a hard week, or if it's something more. But everything seems so meaningless. I feel like packing my bags and getting on a Greyhound to somewhere.

I keep meeting people from the East Coast and feeling like maybe that's where I should head. A psychic friend of mine, several months ago, mentioned seeing me, happy and successful, in Cambridge. Ever since then, I've been having these weird East Coast connections. Over the 4th of July I met* a guy from Brooklyn, and talked to two girls from Boston -- one who grew up there and one who lives there now. Then I met* someone this week who grew up in Cambridge, and got two calls from a friend in Boston. The same friend who prompted this original conversation with the psychic months ago when I first met* him.

So maybe this is just all psychological; like I perceive what I want to and if someone had made the same prediction about Florida a few months ago I would remember every Florida connection over the past few months. Whatever. I have no idea what it means.

Sometimes when I say, "met" I mean, "kissed."

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I have a very strong belief that everything happens for a reason. Wherever you end up/go, that is where you are meant to be. Just let things happen :)

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BAH!!! Everything happens for a reason!?! I hope you can ignore this BS and go out and do whatever it is you want to do. Things happen because you make them happen! You can't live your life expecting that the right things will just happen to you! That's a defeatist attitude if I've ever heard one.

say all you want about the east coast, but they don't have cuzzies.or kohouts. except a few in Maine but they're crazy and don't have any teeth. Unlike most of the kohouts who are in the midwest, who have their teeth.

It's not so easy making good friends in a new city. Sure, you can make drinking buddies or office buddies anyplace; but I mean real friends. Plus, when you go someplace new, you find yourself on the receiving end of that behavior that's called Minnesota nice but which happens pretty much wherever you go. Maybe you could take a vacation in Cambridge and find out how you like it after a couple weeks? Take a commuter train, shop at a local food market; stuff that you'd do if you really lived there.

To Grid: I guess I didn't do so well explaining my theory. Anyway, of course things happen because one MAKES them happen. Nothing would get done if we all waited for things to happen to us. I was merely trying to say that the things *we make happen* are done for a reason. I'm nearly and athiest, so I'm not saying a god figure. Oh nevermind, hard to explain.