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Cocktails with my fairy godmother

Cocktails with my fairy godmother tonight. The non-psychic one (or at least, to my knowledge she is not psychic). I'm looking forward to it.

I told my boss today that I was looking into moving to Portland (yes, I realize that in an earlier post I talked about moving out East, but if you look back at the April archives you'll see that I've been toying with Portland like a cat with a wounded mouse for a long time now), and he said, "We'll miss you." I told him that if it happened I'd give him plenty of notice, and he was really cool about it. He said that the thing about running a business is that you have to help people achieve their goals, and believing that their goals revolve around your business is just silly. What a great guy. When I recently had a wounded heart, he took me down for a cigarette in the coffee shop downstairs and proclaimed, "He's a fucking idiot!"

So, get ready. I'm going to have to talk about moving a lot, because it will force me to actually do it. It's the equivalent of double-dog daring myself. I can't go back on my dare or I'll think I'm a pussy!

Posted August 26, 2002 6:21 PM | On This Day: 2005