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Okay, so let's say a

Okay, so let's say a girl is trying to attempt some kind of low-carb eating plan. What the hell would this girl eat as a snack, for pete's sake? Obviously popcorn is out of question.

I'm not asking for me. It's for this friend I know. This really hungry friend.

Posted August 27, 2002 4:28 PM



small children...those fresh from the womb are the best.of course children are less a snack and more a meal/heinous crime.

but now that I think about it small dogs like pugs are just about the right size. Stick them in the microwave and five minutes later, mmmmmm. I like them so much I keep a few in the freezer just in case.What you think Nancy?

All bran crackers with cottage cheese, beef jerky, pork rinds, swiss cheese with salami etc...

oh yeah, an old fave, celery with cream cheese.

You don't have a snack That's the most important part of any diet, isn't it?

LOL... small children! Fresh from the womb! I'm getting that for lunch tomorrow.

I swear to God that you can lose weight and be completely satisfied by eating basically only cottage cheese, apples, and pineapple chunks (in their own juice, not heavy syrup). I did this last year and I swear I lost at least 8 pounds. Oh, and here is another tip--don't drink. It's just empty calories that you then go to bed with in your stomach. Also remember--an empty tummy at night is a flat tummy in the morning...my friend told me that one, but it's true.

Avacado with cottage cheese. An Atkins Advantage bar. Or an Atkins Indulge bar (super excellent). Pepperoni. Celery. Cucumbers dipped in hummos or baba ganouj. Tabouli. Hard boiled egg. A burger in between two lettuce leaves. Add cheese. String cheese. Peanuts. Almonds.