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Caller ID. I got it

Caller ID.

I got it recently. It's actually kind of funny; I called Qwest to see if it would be possible to cancel my phone line but retain my DSL line and I walked away with my phone line, my DSL and Caller ID. Fuckin' promotional offers.

Anyway, the tragedy of Caller ID is that it simply serves to remind you of who's not calling. You have this romantic notion in your head that all these people are calling you but are too scared to leave a message after the beep.

The truth is, no one is calling.

Posted August 30, 2002 12:58 AM | On This Day: 2005



Everything invites one to put aside the agonizing responsibility of being alone and to replace it with the anonymous society of impulses. Jean-Paul Sartre

maybe nobody calls your home line because everybody has your cell. m-d grid

I never call because usually I can see when you're home from my stand in that tree outside your bedroom window.plus, yeah, your cell is the only phone I got.

I'm calling you right now and you are NOT AT HOME. I am blocking my number and not leaving a message. Just to spite you.

Their number would still appear even if they hung up before "THE BEEP". Then again, a phone goes both ways, you can always call your supposed disinterested friends yourself........I always marvel at how much people "check" to see if a certain someone has called, just to be disappointed because their friend is doing exactly what they're doing. At least you don't see a gal who ruthlessly runs through your caller ID to feed the green eyed monster within....

She checks your Caller ID? Dump that trick, yo.