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I dare you to tell

I dare you to tell me that horoscopes aren't true and real!

You may be finding it tough to get into the swing of things at work, dear Capricorn. The last weekend was so much fun, and the one coming up is bound to be equally exciting. But while the work on your desk is certainly piling up, you can't seem to buckle down and actually do any of it. Don't be too hard on yourself; you are not the only one feeling more in the mood for socializing than working. Do the bare minimum for now, and prepare to put your nose to the grindstone.

Posted September 5, 2002 2:17 PM



Hororscopes aren't true or real. They just say things that are true for enough people that some of the people they happen to be true for (the suckers) then end up thinking they're real. Sorry. (BTW, I'm not a capricorn, and this could be my life they've described too.)

Meg I agree with you that horoscopes are both true and real--I base all decisions I make on my horoscope. Oh, and I am also a Capricorn and I ALWAYS relate to what the horoscopes say about me, especially Joyce Jillson in the Star Tribune. That lady is gifted.

Why does it tend to be women who believe in horoscopes while men, including me, dismiss horoscopes yet readily spend hours reviewing sports or stock market predictions which are equally nonsensical? It seems to be another of those dumb sexual-behavior stereotypes that society has led us into without our realizing it.

I think horocopes are bull shit i have to do it for a grade 8 class.

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