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Two things I love: 1.

Two things I love:

1. Alexander Graham Bell. He invented the telephone.

2. My car mechanic. Two days ago, when I took my car in for an estimate, they took me out to the garage and showed me each thing that was wrong with my car and told me why I should fix it. When I dropped my car off this morning for the recommended repairs, they gave me a ride to work in a 1969 Mercedes Benz convertible.

Posted September 6, 2002 10:37 AM



As interesting as all this is, I am bored by the extreme lack of ME in any of these stories, quips, diaritic entries, or whatever you want to call them. Tell them how effin' funny I am!!

Cool. Good mechanics are hard to come by. You should marry this guy so he can't get away.

My father is my mechanic.I've already told him I forbid him to die. At least until I stop driving.

He probably gave you a ride because he heard through the grapevine that you'rea slut. It's a small world we're living in, but as long as your loose morals work to your advantage, keep on sluttin it up, sister!

Who is your mechanic? just gotta 1975 Volvo 164e in quite good shape in need of an honest caretaker.

Quality Coaches on 38th & Nicollet: www.quality-coaches.com.There's a 25% "slut discount" going on until the end of September.