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Hey, Juggy finally uploaded the

Hey, Juggy finally uploaded the kayaking photos!

I'll try to put them up soon. They're super scenic and shit.

Boobies: Mother Nature's life jacket!

Posted September 10, 2002 5:28 PM



great... meghan posts one of my poems, then immediately burries it under one featuring her tits! I'll never get poetic recognition now!

Wait a sec! "I can make myself float" It's like I'm a boob-mentioning prophet!

helium filled cans!

Nothing like a nice set to get the comments :-)

ever do an eskimo roll? On the kayak? It's hard. either way, you're Xtreme meghan. good luck with the boobs.

forgive me Meghan for suggesting this, but perhaps you should write a haiku abou them...

Nature was cruel to me. I have no life jacket. I'm going to search some out though....