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Marty, Ryan and I are

Marty, Ryan and I are putting together a chapbook. This is great news, because I've been wanting to do a chapbook for a while. To do one with them is even better, as we all three have different styles which will make it more interesting. We're also talking about finding an artist or artists to do illustrations. We will either agree on one artist who will give the book a sense of continuity, or we might each pair up with a different artist. Wacky!

We're struggling with a title for the book. I suggested "Rated Ex", since Ryan and I used to date, but that doesn't include Marty so it doesn't work. But I still think it's damn funny. Unless Marty and I date and then break up, then it would work.

Anyway, I'm sure we'll think of something. Feel free to give me your ideas, but keep in mind that if I like your idea I will steal it and not give you any credit. It should be something catchy, because we'll probably be doing lots of talk show appearances and selling out arenas once this thing hits.

Posted September 11, 2002 2:10 PM



steal these:CHAPstickCHAPsmearCHAPhappyCHAPsheetCHAPeauCHAP-my-ass

How about:"Is that your ass hanging out of your pants or are you just happy to see me?"

I don't know what a chatbox is, but when I think you Ryan, Marty, and you I think of a "a couple of boobs and some tits".if you want to be self-depricating.

MJ, that would be a great thing if it were my chatbox or whatever. so thanks, I'm going to take that and then copyright it and use it as a logo on my business cards. And shave it into my pubes.I had a friend who shaved their pubes in funny ways. Kinda cool....but it makes it so you can't show their pubes to your parents.hope it's not too much info

"Poems in the Key of eX" is also right-out. Along with "ex-treme poetry" and "poems to ex-ercise to"Actually, unless you plan on putting out sometime soon Meghan, I think the ex concepts can pretty much ex-pire. (HA!)I generally think chapbook titles and puns do not mix.I'm composing a blog entry about this now...

where did the word "chatbox" come from? kohout, are you wasted?!

Chatbox - that sounds dirty.

wtf is a chapbook?

chap·book n. A small book or pamphlet containing poems, ballads, stories, or religious tracts.[chap(man) + book(so called because it was originally sold by chapmen).]

no.....just kinda barely sober at the time of that writing. Thanks for the explanation though.

Oh, a chapbook! I see... Well, I was thinking of a book about CHAPS. I still think my title works though.