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Becca is coming to pick

Becca is coming to pick me up at 7am tomorrow. She, Tommy and I are doing a 30-mile bike ride in St. Paul. It's for a good cause, and I'm sure it will be a lot of fun, but damn that's early for a Sunday.

Spent the day helping my mom over at my parents' house; she wants to take a trip to New York with my sister and I the first weekend in October. Flights are under $200 right now, and Mary Theresa (distant relative) told her about a cheap hotel somewhere (Chelsea? I can't remember now). The same weekend, though, a friend that I haven't seen since April is coming to town to play at Kieran's. Also, I was planning to take a long weekend sometime soon to go to Portland and/or Seattle to pursue my Pacific NW scheme. I'm not sure if I could do two of those in the same month, or even within a couple of months of each other. But, it would be cool to see Nora and fun to spend the weekend with her and my mom. But then again, I've also talked for a couple months about taking a trip to New York with Mopsa. A trip with Mopsa would involve more cosmopolitans and show tunes, but my mom is more likely to pick up my dinner tab.

What's a girl to do?

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I accept the invitation! Me and you and your mom and sis will have a BLAST!

Hey, Mopsa, what do you know? I was just about to suggest why don't y'all go to NY together but you beat me to it. Rocking good family fun!

actually, that's so crazy it just might work.