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Bow down at the altar

Bow down at the altar of my superior athleticism! I just biked 31 miles today, up hills and everything.

Then I went to Sweeney's and had a bloody mary and a couple of Marlboros. shh!

Posted September 15, 2002 4:50 PM | On This Day: 2005 2004 2003



Hey - nice work, Jack Lalane!

good for you - next year you can go on my bike ride with me.hope your ass isn't too chafed. Or your nipples too sore. That's what always happens to me. And it sucks.

note to self-no good thoughts happen at 4:30 am when you can't sleep. And even if they do, they can wait until morning, or after sleep.I called in sick today.....I haven't slept since yesterday at 11am. Piety me more than normal....

Oh dear god. 31 miles? Why the extra mile? You really are insane. In my ever evil way, I usually pull along side those crazy people riding bikes and ask them if they need a ride... Spit leaves a nasty mark on a car. And those water bottles can do some damage too!

Want to know the sickest part? About 3/4 of the way through, we got passed by some people that were on their SECOND god damn lap. Around a 31 mile course. What the hell is that?!

It's called 62 miles....yeah that IS a bit far, but 31 miles in a couple of hours is a piece of cake...but then again I'm 42 and fat and bald. If you put band aids over your nipples they supposedly won't chafe, but I really don't have the tits to test that out....maybe next year....but I was a good boy and just hand washed 11 pieces of bike gear. After all, it's the closest a guy can get to wearing women's lingerie in public, and that's without even pondering the shaved leg deal (which I'm not doing this year BTW). Well tomorrow supposed to be the last reasonably hot day for the forseeable future, so I'm going to ride my ass off.......