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99 Ways to Piss Me

99 Ways to Piss Me Off

Way #73

When your email contains a question, make sure to use no less than three question marks. This will make it clear to me that your question is both urgent and important. If you were to use just one question mark, I might overlook the question altogether and assume that you were making a statement or perhaps an exclamation. Use of multiple question marks reinforces your position as "the boss of me." I can't possibly ignore a question from you, and those 9 question marks will ensure I don't forget it!

Posted September 16, 2002 12:59 PM



... and if something breaks, be sure to ask the subordinate person who's fixing it, "When will it be ready?" a zillion times. It totally helps the situation. Another management tip: If a project is running two hours late, a major way to speed things along is to convene a three hour meeting to discuss the problem.