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I went to the chiropractor

I went to the chiropractor yesterday and got acupuncture. She put several needles in my neck and shoulders, and when she removed them I ended up with a painful welt on the left side of my neck, which she said "sometimes happens." Except that it's never happened to me before (and I've been getting acupuncture for about four years), the welt hurts like a bitch, and I have a headache to beat the band. Admittedly, part of this headache might be due to staying up really late last night. I overslept my alarm by two hours. whee! Bad decisions rule!

Hosting an open mic at Kieran's tonight; I hope my headache is gone by then.

Posted September 17, 2002 1:00 PM


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It sounds like this thing my friend just told me about last night. Apparently you can massage (or in this case perhaps - poke) the lymph nodes and they excrete a bunch of crap. One word. Eewwww.