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I know I've talked about

I know I've talked about names before but the importance of names never ceases to amaze me. Like, my name is spelled with an H. If you forget it, it still sounds the same but it is not my name and I will correct you.

Also interesting to me is the way certain people can "ruin" a name. For reasons I will not delve into here I have issues with most Kims and Sarahs. Martys don't seem to give me any trouble, nor do Marys or Margarets. Matts also seem to be a safe bet, as are most Mikes. I find most Tinas give me the sensation of a pebble in my loafer. I seem to do fine with almost any variation or nickname of the name Elizabeth, the only notable exception being Libby or Lissie. I usually like Nicoles, but Nikkis are hit or miss. Lisas are to be avoided. Karens/Caryns are cool. As are Beccas but only the rare Becky.

Another weird name thing: my brother went out on some dates with a girl named Meghan and I was creeped out. I could never in a million years date an Austin -- it just seems gross. For that matter, Steves and Patricks are off-limits, too.

Lastly, it's strange how a name can hurt your feelings. How hearing or seeing a certain name can just make you feel like crap. Like it's become a curse word.


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Say, you're lucky. You wanna trade? You only have two alternative spellings to worry about. :->) My name has nine that I know about. Britney, Brittany, Brittney, Brittaney, Britani, Brittani, Brittni, Brittnee, Brittanie.

I have 3 normal variations, but have seen 2 "unnatural" variations of Erik (Ehriq, Eriq). I agree that certain names seem to be ruined by certain people. For me, Nicoles and any variance thereof is a no-no. Bad medicine, I'm telling you.

Aleksey Aleksandrovich Grinyayev - how's that for a name? No variations here, but what a pain...