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Songs that make me want

Songs that make me want to dance around like a total fool, turn the radio up in my car and sing along even if I have to fudge a few words, and give me the feeling that I can do whatever I want

Currently in the #1 position: Jimmy Eat World, "In the Middle"

Posted September 21, 2002 1:47 AM



"It just takes some time, iddy biddy, in the middle, make words rhyme, I don't know I don't know..."

it just takes some time little bitta inna middle have some limes...

Makes me want to cut the ear off a cop, spill gas all over him and then get blown away by the already shot guy under the loading ramp.

whoa hey, time to cut down on the action films, buddy...

saw 'em in concert in the home of Laverne and Shirley a few months ago.....with the Promise Ring.were very good, but I'll have to say my college radio ass likes the Promise Ring better.