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unfold your fisted shoulder blades

unfold your fisted shoulder blades
like wings and fly to me tonight
draw tattoos with your fingertips
as i sleep, talking
my voice cutting through
your scars and the dark

the tears you cry
can fall on my skin
i'll only dream of rain
while you whisper rules and reasons
with my back against your heart

Posted September 28, 2002 1:20 AM | On This Day: 2005 2003



That's an awesome line:'the tears you crycan fall on my skini'll only dream of rain'Wow. awesome.

I was about to say I think the two stanzas here are very different, and I liked the first one immensely more. hehe...But actually, now that I re-read them a few times, they fit together better. I think I just don't like the passive voice in those first two lines of the second stanza. Just goes to show that tastes are like assholes. ('cause everybody's got one) :)

yeah i struggled with the tense there...i might have to tweak it a little.