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Weekend Update Went to Nami

Weekend Update

Went to Nami Friday night for Becca's birthday. I ended up with teriyaki salmon, as I haven't been able to stomach sushi ever since a bad lunch experience last year. Grid could tell you about it. He was there, and it wasn't pretty. Afterwards, the tribe wanted to go over to Tom's to play Scrabble, but I was feeling tired so I went home to knit and have quiet time. Ended up renting Crossroads (stop laughing), which actually turned out to be good. I am not ashamed to admit that I like Britney. Let's move on.

Saturday morning I had a mattress stitch class at Needlework with my aunt Emily. It's a finishing technique in knitting: it creates an invisible seam which is great if you're assembling something, like a sweater. Em and I met for coffee beforehand, then did the class, which was great. I got the instructor to show me blanket stitch which is a nice decorative edge stitch that I want to use on a baby sweater (I am really bad at teaching myself stitches from books and really need someone to show me).

I felt like a movie after that, and wanted to see the Wilco documentary which has already left the Lagoon and had a limited engagement at the U Film Society this weekend. But, it was only 1pm and the earliest matinee for Wilco was at 5. So I ended up taking myself to see The Four Feathers, which was decent but unremarkable. One of those big ol' sweeping epics like Brad Pitt used to make, where the male lead travels far and wide, grows his hair long, gets real dirty, discovers himself, kills some people, learns that people who aren't [insert ethnicity or religious affiliation here] aren't all bad, and returns to the loving arms of a corseted lady.

As everyone knows, I always end up with talkers near me at movies. This was no exception. In this case, I was early for the movie and the theatre was nearly empty. Two ladies come in and decide that of all the seats in the theatre, the ones behind me are the most desirable. Not wanting to be taken for lesbians, or perhaps having issues with personal space, they sit with one empty seat between them. One of the ladies is in the seat directly behind me. "Who in their right mind wants to sit right behind someone else's head if they don't have to?!" I think to myself. But, it's a free country. The lights dim, the movie starts and these two bitches start talking to each other right behind my head and across an empty seat. This is why I hate people.

After that I came home to do some more knitting and other random stuff, but I ended up not talking to someone online all afternoon, and next thing I know it's time to get ready. My ten-year reunion (for the other high school I went to) was at Cuzzy's that night. The planning was kind of fucked, so they ended up just telling people to meet at Cuzzy's to drink and hang out. I wasn't planning on going, since Becca's birthday party was the same night, but when Grant and Blake came to pick me up it seemed like a good idea to at least go say hi. Only about 8 people showed up, but I said the dutiful hellos and participated in a few stunted conversations. Most people didn't recognize me, which always feels like a compliment. I think I'm one of the few people that lost weight after high school. See, even girls that didn't go to prom can turn out okay!

We left Cuzzy's and went to Becca's party which was fun, but a different crowd than usual. There were the requisite "two really drunk guys", one of whom looked like Steven Seagal and eventually passed out in front of the washing machine right after the other one barfed all over himself and a good part of the basement sitting area. Ah, keg parties. The culprit of all this sickness, and an unfortunate Trainspotting-esque bedsheets incident, appears now to be a bottle of "really good" tequila that someone brought. This beverage wreaked havoc on several people I know. But not I, said the little red hen. The party got very quiet after a visit from our friends in blue, and Blake and Grant had bailed on me, so I ended up getting a ride home from Grant's friend, Andrew. I kicked around my apartment for a bit, feeling hungry and not-yet-sleepy. Know what that means? White Castle. I went to the Castle for a couple of sliders, and hopped into bed at about 4am.

Woke up to a phone call from Becca at about 11:30am, asking if I wanted breakfast. Threw on some clothes and a baseball cap and went out for a deliciously delicious omelette. I was supposed to go help my mom clean her house after that, but I'm a terrible daughter and I ended up watching Crossroads again with Becca and knitting more of this blanket I'm working on (which incidentally, is going to be an awesome blanket). Went to my parents' after that for the Sunday night ritual. Bec brought over an apricot peach cobbler and my mom made a great spinach soup and a hearty beef stew-type dish. Got all my laundry done and spent some time working on a birthday present I'm making.

Oh, I also picked up my NPS 2002 photos today! Mostly crap, but I got a couple of nice shots: Morris Stegosaurus at the props slam, naked guy at the props slam, Kate and I, Ms. Spelt and I, Marty and I, and The Poet Tree. I might scan a couple and put them up. OOH! Best of all, I got a photo of myself with Miss Shamrock 2002. I am so going to be the next Miss Shamrock, you don't even know. And I'm going to wear my crown all the time. Even to bed.

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Yes ma’am! Crossroads is without a doubt this year’s funnest movie. Rocking good family fun.Obscure movie fact: Britney’s real-life little sister Jamie plays Lucy (Britney's character) as a young girl in the movie.Do you notice that people are supposed to be ashamed for liking this type of movie because, well, let’s be honest here, if young women like Spears and Mandy Moore are out making movies then they can’t be home making babies. Spears actually had most of the ideas for that movie but she doesn’t get much credit. Contemporary society consistently devalues art produced by women.

i don't know -- your argument about women seems pretty thin here. it's not like this is high art we're talking about -- and it's not like these films are created by women.it's not that people are biased against these movies because they're so very feminist -- it's because they're fluff.and do you really think this women-as-baby-machines attitude is that prevalent? i don't really think so. at least not in my experience.

EternalFootman, you're such a womyn

Hey, thanks for that kohout: you proved my point. We're so accustomed to women being inferior in our society that we don't even recognize how obvious it is.I realize you're just busting on me, when you called me a "womyn." Don't get me wrong ... I think it's funny. But I can't insult someone even in jest by calling them a man, a dude, or a guy. Even kidding with me in the way that you did carries the implication that women/womyn are inferior. To tell the truth, I used not to believe much of the feminist stuff. Now that I work in technology, I see first-hand every day how society keeps women (and blacks) out of the high paid IT jobs. I am a white, Anglo-Saxon, male but I think the system is wrong even though I benefit from it.Okay, I appreciate that Crossroads is not high art, but it has merit on the basis that women are mostly excluded from creative work so there isn't too much to compare it to.For instance, how many female painters can any of us name straight off? Without running to Google, I can think of only one: Artemesia Gentileschi. Who else?Now, name a female engineer ...The prosecution rests, Your Honor.

EF, you certainly have a point, and I don't mean to argue with you about feminism in society (in general, yes, women have a harder time of it), but I can name two or three female painters, (O'Keefe was the first to come to mind) and I actually know several women who are engeneers, including at least two in the "tech" industry alone. (It may help that the UofMN's branch of the society for women engeneers was in the basement of the english building--hmmm. now what does that say?)Incidentally, I use the term "dude" as an insult pretty frequently. Unfortunately, most of the time, nobody gets it. Hmm. now that I think about it, I have used the term "man" in much the same way, as in, "you're such a man."

I can't tell if EternalFootman is a radical feminist or whether he's using hyperbole to make a point. Mostly, I agree with him.Britney (not me, the other one!) was hounded by the media over this question of her virginity. She made a quick comment about it once and the media never let an opportunity pass to interogate her on it.Someone may counter that she asked for it because she dresses provocatively. Ok, let's see: The men in Red Hot Chilli Peppers are shirtless in their videos. That's sexually provacative. Shouldn't we ask if they are they virgins?Marky Mark had a busy pants dropping thing going on a while back. Shouldn't we hound him about his sexual status?There's a huge double standard here.

Britney, the issue you're talking about goes way deeper than asking about sexual exploits. I mean, I think the reason nobody asks the chilli peppers if they're virgins is that either a) you assume they AREN'T, or b) you don't care because they aren't soft-core sex icons like all of our female pop stars.With the exception of teenage heart-throbs like the backstreet boys and Emelio Englacias (excuse any poor spelling here, please) there are very few male sexual icons out there in our MTV-infused utopia. At least, few that we'll admit. (and hell, nobody wants to admit that heart-throb == sex-throb!)Basically, america is prude. We fear and shun what we don't know, so that ends up including sex. We glamorize softcore (as long as we don't call it that) and put it in women's magazines. I don't pretend to have an answer to why, but it's probably getting better slowly. (IMHO, all of it.)

Megs First, I like Britney, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I've been a fan since the first single, and I"m not afraid to say that I like the deep cuts off her three albums as well. Second, I would totally beat you for Miss Shamrock...you're lucky I'm not there to take the crown from you. Third, talkers ALWAYS sit behind me. It's like I am a magnet for idiots. I went to see David in LA this weekend and we saw Sweet Home Alabama, which was a marginal movie at best. The point is, we got there a little late and sat in front of this stupid bitch who wouldn't stop yapping through the entire thing. Since I'm a natural bitch, I was trying to tell her to shut the hell up, but David kept muzzling me...he is so afraid of confrontation. Anyhoo, I will see you this weekend.. Dad is flying me home on Wednesday night!!!! Love you Megs!

EF-if you wanted to bust my chops, I always find "fat balding freak" kind of effective.

Aplogetic males shouldn't denigrate the amazing strides that western women have made in the last 58 years, strides that wouldn't have happened without the exceptional women that came before and the enlightened men that finally let them vote and go to college for something other than home economics. Look at how far women have come in business etc... not how far there is still to go. Especially when it sounds like pandering to get into some female's pants.Its still early in the recognition of women's rights of the modern era, it takes alot to move forward from 6000 years of repression/oppression to (in the US at least) higher graduation rates from high school and higher percentages of college enrollment for females over men, the next 58 years are going to be pretty damn amazing.I only hope someone will write a better book than Iron John for what the hell man's role will be; which is the really interesting part of all of this. What to do with testosterone in a matriarchy.

EF - While I can appreciate your sentiment and I agree that women lag in IT jobs, I can think of 7 brainiac-geek grrls that I have worked with personally, though their names would mean nothing here. Perhaps you might be familiar with Ada Lovelace? If not, I suggest you Google her...I do give a nod for coming up with Gentileschi. That was really the first to come to mind? Interesting. To name a few more well known gals off the top of my head...Mary CassatGeorgia O'keefeFrida KahloImogene Cunningham