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Yay for Matt Lee, who

Yay for Matt Lee, who scanned my photos.

The future Miss Shamrock (cross your fingers, people!), and the current Miss Shamrock.

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Marty and I
Kate and I
Morris Stegosaurus (Team Seattle)
Desdamona (of The Poet Tree)

Posted September 30, 2002 4:05 PM | On This Day: 2003



This has to be one of the least flattering photos ever taken of me. I look like an inverted isoceles triangle. Ugh!XO - Marty

Oh yeah---I see a Miss Shamrock centerfold in your future!!

Oh you would soooooo make a better Miss Shamrock! I mean, look at that girl, she's got that whole "I'm Miss Shamrock, I'm better than you peasants!" look to her. After the photo did she ask you to go get her an Evian? You, on the other hand would be a kind and loving Miss Shamrock. Marty doesn't look like an inverted isoceles triangle, more like an oblong something-or-other.

Maybe I look like the guy who wears a wool cap, delivers flowers and cannot talk quite clearly. "Hey, lady, what's in the bag..."xo - Marty (K.)

you're right, i would make a more loving miss shamrock.now get me a fucking water and get out of my personal space.don't touch the crown.

If Marty's a triangle, I think he's acute one.Get it?! Acute triangle?har!

Hey!That looks good! Mind if I snag that for my journal and/or web page?

not a'tall morris. steal away!