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<-- My Archives have disappeared.

<-- My Archives have disappeared. What the...? Doesn't matter that much, seeing as I'm getting ready to unveil a KICKASS redesign any day now!

So...Peter is in town. He's the guy I met back in April after Jennie's wedding. He's from Belfast. He lives in Boston. He's a bricklayer and a flute player (that sounded like a Jay-Z lyric).

Anyway, we had a great time the night we met -- I went to a houseparty in my bridesmaid's dress, we stayed out until dawn, went to dinner the next night, then he went back to Boston. He called a couple of times and sent me a couple of sweet emails, and then I got the call: I"ve got something to tell you..."


But not all that surprising, as I seem to have a knack for attracting boys with girlfriends. We haven't talked much since, but we're going to go to dinner tonight. I wonder if it will be all weird. By the way, the girlfriend is no longer in the picture. Doesn't matter, really. I think the crush part is over and we're settling into a pleasant friendship.

Anyway, wish me luck. Here I go...

P.S. I love Ben Folds. *swoon*
If you've never heard the song "The Luckiest" go find it. If you don't melt just a little, you are the devil.

Posted October 3, 2002 5:42 PM



Sounds promising... Good Luck!xo - Marty

Meghan-I didn't know you were still talking to Peter. How fun that he's back in town again. How was dinner??? Hope it went well. What a fun and crazy night that was!Megan