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I'll be spamming most of

I'll be spamming most of you with this news in a day or two, but FYI: I'm MC'ing the October poetry slam at Kieran's on Tuesday, October 8. I can't remember exactly (nice host, I know), but I'm pretty sure that signup for poets is at 7:30 and slammin' is at 8:00. And it's all ages! I know some of my underage relatives sometimes read this (HI, FUZZY!) so you should come down and check it out. Because I have low self-esteem and I need lots of people there to make me feel nice. And to heckle.

See you Tuesday, suckas.

Oh, and it's $5 at the door (which i have worked out to be 18 cents per poem if we get a full roster), free for performers. Such a bargain!

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Oh, I will be there.

I'll be there too! I hope.

I shall attend in spirit.

I shall attend in thong.