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I was in such a

I was in such a good mood on the way to work this morning. Several times I caught myself smiling, just grinning all alone in the front seat of the Oldsmobile. Leaves were falling from the trees like confetti, the sky was blue, the sun was shining. Then I accidentally hit "scan" on the radio and ended up on a Christian station where the guy was talking about how girls shouldn't have sex before they're married because then they're bringing anger and deceit into the relationship (huh?!). And how I should get together with my friends and sign an Unshakable Unbreakables pact with them. That's where we make a list of all the things we won't do (I'm guessing this list would include things like look at weiners, think about weiners, touch weiners), and we all sign it. I guess if one of us breaks the pact we get to stone her to death in the streets or make her wear a scarlet letter. I'm not sure because I changed the channel. Thankfully, I got back to some good music and spent the rest of my commute singing out my windows trying to get people to react. Most people just don't. So, listen up: next time you see me drive by, and I'm wailing "TAKE ME DOWN TO THE PARADISE CITY" out my window at you...give me a smile or a wave or something.

This afternoon, Marty was online and we had a haiku showdown. He would give me a word and I'd have to write a haiku on that topic and vice versa. I gave him the word "mannequin" and he wrote this (which I think is really good):

in a back alley
somewhere in alabama
armless and naked

I'm heading home now. I think I'm going to rent the Soprano's and get my knit on tonight.

Posted October 11, 2002 5:14 PM