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Randy will be here in

Randy will be here in less than an hour to pick me up for Colette's party. The current state of affairs is that my hair is greasy, and I'm not wearing pants. There is major work to be completed before I am a party girl, and I am unmotivated to begin it.

I worked the SASE table at the Twin Cities' Book Festival this morning. Becca met me there after my shift and we walked around a little; I got a free copy of Fate Magazine with a feature story on crop circles ("Crop Circles - The Mind of God?). There is also a story titled, "The Dark Side of UFOs." Thank God someone is covering the dark side of UFOs because I'm certainly getting sick of the liberal media's lopsided positive coverage on the topic.

After the bookfest Bec and I went to the Uptown Bar & Grill for a burger and a bloody mary. She had never been there before. Scandalous! Elise met us there, fresh from running a 5K. "Mmm," I said, with my mouth full of a bacon cheeseburger. "Sounds like a fun time." Austin and Tommy stopped by, but just stayed for a Coke and then went for a bike ride.

Came home and took what Elise and I now refer to as a slap: not exactly sleep, but more than a nap. I slapped for about an hour and a half, and have been just lolling around ever since. Can't...motivate...but...must...get...in...shower...

The party tonight is to celebrate Colette's recent marriage (which was a private ceremony in Jamaica). So now she lives in this Richie Rich house, and I'm not sure what to expect at this party. Probably a lot of older people getting sloshed on expensive gin. I adore Colette, but I fear for this party. Thankfully, I'm going with Randy so he and I can be a freaky non-suburban party guests together. Holy crap, he's going to be here soon. I still have no pants on!

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"Holy crap, he's going to be here soon. I still have no pants on!"... and this is a problem?

Didn't some chuckleheads fess up to making these crop circles a couple years back? The UFO-nuts claimed the circles were so complex that only aliens could build them; then some dudes showed how they snuck into fields at night and made them. They put a stake in the ground, attached a board to the stake with string, then used the board to flatten the corn. Changing the location of the stake gave a different pattern. It's amazing the amount of things that can be done without alien technology.

that might explain crop circles, but it certainly doesn't explain that period of time you had head circles.Aliens live!