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MJ + Mopsa + Me

MJ + Mopsa + Me + Piano Bar + Polka Bar + Gay Bar + Conga Room = Too much fun for a Sunday night

Donned the saucy pants and headed to Mopsa's, where I met the infamous MJ. We ended up scrapping the original plan (see previous post) and going to Nye's for dinner, where we gorged ourselves on the Polish Sampler (pierogi, sauerkraut, cabbage rolls and some weird potato thing), giant steaks and my first sidecar! Dee-lish.

It was fun to meet MJ, and strange to be out in real-life with two fellow bloggers. We kept saying things like, "So, you gonna put this in your blog?" We all forgot to bring cameras, which I was initally pissed about, but in retrospect maybe it's for the best that these events weren't preserved for posterity.

After dinner, we went to the Polka bar next door. I took Mopsa's gal for a spin on the dance floor during the Too Fat polka. Neither one of us could figure out who should lead, so we basically pushed each other around singing "I don't want her, you can have her, she's too fat for me."

Once we tired of the polka scene, we went to the piano bar where I sang L.O.V.E. with a girl that was good. Really good. Like voice from an old phonograph good. There were some other girls there who were excellent, too. But, excellent in a very diva sort of way. One of the girls said to the piano man, "John, can you ask your staff when you'll start having purified water here?" Please, Mariah! Mopsa sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," because I forced her to. It was very good.

We ran into an ex-boyfriend of an old co-worker who was there with his gay brother and some other random people, and ended up walking down to Boom! with the aforementioned brother and some other newfound friends. Once there, I got the DJ to play Geri Halliwell's video "It's Raining Men." Okay, so it didn't take that much convincing to get that played in a gay bar. I danced around and sang like a freak on wheels. I love gay bars. I love gay men. I am the Grace to their Wills. A bunch of the guys gave me their email addresses, and invited me to come out with them again because I'm "fabulous." (Please note: after a night on the town, I end up with contact information for gay men. This is why I am single.)

We kept up the bar-hopping and went across the street to the Conga Room, a fairly new Latin club. People dance there. Real dancing with 1 boy, 1 girl, and lots of twirling. An extremely short young man asked me if I would dance with him. I told him I didn't know how. "Ees okay," he said. "I show you." So, I danced. A lot. With tiny Latin men, with MJ, with the ex-boyfriend of the old co-worker, with the gay brother of the ex-boyfriend of the old co-worker. It was all very fun. Too much fun for a Sunday night.

Want to see MJ and Mopsa's (scroll to October 14) side of the story?

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very good. very good? very good is like what you say about cookies, or your 12 year old's piano recital, or a sunday drive!! please tell me I deserve a better adjective!

Mmmm cookies...Breathtaking, stunning, incomparable, humbling, without equal. Damn you've got some lungs. And you can sing too!

Hey Miss Saucy Pants - Here's the only info I could find about the whole Miss Shamrock Princess deal. I think you might have a shot... You've got the whole "spreading cheer" thing down and you know I'll buy a friggin button ;)