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The girls are back from

The girls are back from tour, and they'll be at the open mic at Kieran's tonight, and I'm still at work, and I'm hungry, and I need to get the slam supplies back to Cynthia, so I think I'm going to stop over for a bite to eat and a welcome home hug.

In one month, I am going to Chicago for 4 days (I'm Tommy's wedding date). I think Becca is hitching a ride with us to go see her grandma. We're trying to convince Juggy and Austin to come, too and make it a tribal affair. Maybe Russ will let us borrow a cargo van for our trip to IKEA!

Rumor has it that Mopsa, Teri, and I are going to NYC in November or December. Site59 has crazy deals for us crazy kittens to take advantage of. I hope we go in December, so I can stand in the middle of Times Square, throw my arms in the air and belt out, "It's the mooost wonderful tiiime of the yeeear!"

Other things I want to do:

- Go to the Bowery Poetry Club and introduce myself to Shappy and Cristin. Make every effort to appear both cool and lovable.
- Stand outside the MTV studios with a sign that says, "Britney RULZ." And mean it.
- Find the fucker who broke into my grandpa's trunk during my first trip to New York and stole all the souvenirs I bought with my saved-up allowance money.

I'm also seriously considering going here all by myself. Who knows when.

Posted October 15, 2002 6:56 PM



my cousin and his wife go there for a week every winter. they love it.

i was talking about isla mujeres, by the way.

I beg of you though, if you come to Rock Center do NOT stop in the middle of the sidewalk to gaze at the Christmas Tree - I hate it when the tourists do that (and 95% of them do that).Have fun in NYC - it's a great place to be during the holidays (in fact, I was just thinking the other morning on my commute to work that I can't wait for the cold weather to arrive - NYC has a different feel when everyone is all bundled up - it's more cozy).

whatever! i'm going to stand there with a t-shirt that says "I KNOW JAYNEE" on the back.