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Sorry about that! The big

Sorry about that! The big news is:

#1. I have a new job. Not sure when I'm going to start; I'm trying to work out the smoothest transition possible from my old job to the new. The super fabulous news is that the job involves more writing (yay!) and I can work as many hours as I want which means I can pursue a membership development side project with SASE that I want to do.

#2. I'm appying to graduate school next year. I'm almost certain it will be for Arts & Administration and that it will be at the Univeristy of Oregon Eugene (assuming they accept me).

In retrospect, the news isn't that big. But it feels really big to me. It feels like all the change I've been aching for lately might actually be happening. Life is good.

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Rocking good news. I sure hope it works out.

ah, eternal:you're always sooo optimistic!

Congrats Chica! Sounds like a great change. Change is good. Can you spare some? Eugene is a very cool town. And it's only like 1000 miles away from me, where as MinneHaHa is about 2000, so pop in and see me sometime!