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I joined a health club

I joined a health club this weekend. Yes, indeedy. Next Saturday I'm going there for "fitness assessment." This is where a personal trainer pinches my fat, makes me run around, do pushups, tests my flexibility and then gives me the bad news. I fully intend to convert this bad news into a plan of action. And I fully intend to get my $45/month worth.

Here's the catch(es): first, I am not a morning person. Back when I worked at the unnamed marketing agency, I used to wake up at 5:45, drive to the club, work out, and be at my desk by 8:00am. Those days are gone. My average arrival time these days is 9:30 and it's closer to 10 on more days than I'd care to admit. That's just sick! I realize I need to adjust that, but the reality is that coming in to work at that hour, I no longer get the nodding head syndrome in the afternoon!

Second, clubs are always busy in the morning and it often sucks trying to get ready in a locker room with 40 other women. And I'd need to get up early, drive to Bloomington, work out, get ready and then drive downtown which would probably involve some stinky rush hour traffic. And I'd need to pack my gym bag the night before. And what about breakfast?! *whine*

Third, I can already tell it's going to be hard to work out in the evenings. For example, tomorrow night I have Rocky Horror with Nancy, Tuesday a meeting with Matt to discuss my dad's new website, Wednesday this book club thing I'm going to try, Thursday McSweeney's vs. They Might be Giants is at The Fitz (don't have tickets yet, but would love to go), and Friday Dan Savage is doing a reading at Ruminator. So, I either have to revamp my social life or become a morning person.

I'm concerned that my drive to be healthier and work out, combined with my new projects (see 10/18) will amount to yet another example of me overextending myself to the point of insanity. I go in cycles with this stuff: I overextend, then I cut a bunch of stuff out, then I get bored, I pick up new commitments, I overextend...and the cycle continues. I think I'm now entering a period of cutting stuff out. Poor book club, I hardly knew ye.

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This is just an idea … I hope I’m not out of line … but would it be better to incorporate an exercise activity into a regular routine? For example, if it were possible to use a bicycle to travel to work then you could save on the cost of gym membership and the cost of gas. Because the cycling activity is incorporated into the commuting activity, then you’re kind of committed to the exercise. The gym attendance is a discrete activity and therefore more difficult to fit into a routine, and being optional, there’s more opportunity to pass.I commend cycling to the House. I heard the eternal footman bought himself a bike to race. - Tori Amos

that is, theortetically, a great idea. however, with the weather in minnesota it's impractical during the late fall and winter months.part of the reason i moved to an apartment that is near a lake is the convenience of walking. which is great, but again -- once it turns cold i'm waaay less likely to venture out there.lastly, i want to do some resistance training in addition to aerobic activity, so i'd like to be able to go somewhere to do weights.

hehe... looks like we will be going to the same club. bloomington 494 and 169 isn't it? my fitness assessment is still pending.

Yeah, weight training is great because you burn more calories when you are doing nothing, because that muscle takes more energy. I lose way more weight when I pump iron and do cardio stuff.I do best with the gym when I look at it as something non-negotiable. It's like a meeting with a client -- you got no choice. It can turn out to be very enjoyable, and it's sure nice feeling good about yourself that at least you are working at it.Said the dude who weighs as much as he ever has...

Megs I absolutely hate working out. I really do. Especially here at school, where our workout facilities are sub par at best. But even when I really DON'T want to go, I make myself go for at least twenty minutes. By then, I'm in to it and I can stick it out for the rest of my workout. But if after twenty minutes it still sucks, I just go back to the dorm.

Hi... My name is Max... what do I do? Oh, me? I do nothing all day. Yes, look at me, I am a loser, I do nothing all day long...Be thankfull you at least have the drive and desire to get out of bed and do anything. Despite all my grandiose plans; what do I do... nothing.

One easy way to get yourself to go often is to guilt a friend into joining the gym with you. That's what I did when I had a room mate my sophomore year and I stayed kinda not so fat. Of course this whole scheme falls apart when the friend is even lazier than you are which happened to me junior and senior year. And then you get fat. And then you graduate, sit in a chair all day and get even fatter. And you work for Gage.