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I've seen two free shows

I've seen two free shows in the past two nights.

Free Show #1: Last night I got to see the Minneapolis Musical Theatre's production of Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was really good, a really fun show. Go see it or I'll punch you.

Free Show #2: Tonight, I saw a preview screening of The Truth About Charlie. The truth is, the movie sucks. After it was over I found myself wishing I possessed the knowledge and technology to build a time machine, so I could go back and retrieve my misspent hour and a half.

Before the movie they showed a preview for The Emperor's Club. Now I hate to judge a book by its cover, or a movie by its trailer, but I think I liked this story better when it was called Dead Poet's Society. During the preview, Juggy leaned over and whispered, "It's Dead Poets Society II...'This time, the poets are deader.'"

Bonus Freebie of the Day: I got a free pair of underwear from Victoria's Secret. Whee!

After the movie tonight guess what I did. If you guessed that I finally went to my swanky new health club you are right! I did the elliptical machine, resistance training on the lower body (per the Day 1 guidelines from "Master Your Metabolism*"), treadmill, stationary bike, crunches and jump ropin'. Then I went to Byerly's and bought myself some ultra-healthy foodstuffs: chicken breasts, fakin' bacon (I love the stuff!), some punkin seeds (for snackin'), apples, oranges and the like. I was tempted to buy the new Ralph Nader book, but there's something about buying literature at the grocery store that just feels wrong. Plus, last time I was at my parents' house I saw a wee Lemony Snicket book and I really want to read one of those as soon as I finish this Isabel Allende novel I've been chipping away at forever.

*Interesting side note: I got this video free when I signed up for LifeTime Fitness. The guy who started LTF hosts it and does his whole spiel on nutrition and health, it's acutally pretty cool. Anyway, after I watched it I found out that my dad wrote the script. So the old man does do something interesting with his time!

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Obscure time traveling fact: You have to build the time machine before the movie starts in order to travel back to the start of the movie after the movie ends. This statement can be demonstrated mathematically but the reasoning is so insanely complicated. However, it means that you would have to know that the movie is crap before you watch it in order to know whether it is worth the trouble of building the time machine before the movie starts. I greatly admire Nader but he doesn’t have a chance in a system where millions of poor people feel too disenfranchised to vote and where millions of the middle class vote under the delusion that although they are not rich now, they may be rich in the future. Under the two party system, all that a third party can achieve is to hand the election victory to the least sympathetic major party. This was the case when Ross Perot (a conservative) unintentionally contributed to Clinton’s win in ’92 and it was also the case when Nader (a liberal) inadvertently contributed to Bush’s election in 2000.Nader is a good man but what he advocates, if I understand correctly, is essentially a European style moderate socialism. Johnson, Carter, and Clinton were unable to move significantly to the left … I don’t see how Nader can do it.

EF: It's not fair that you are so much smarter than I am.