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There's this new poetry cafe

There's this new poetry cafe opening soon in Mesa, AZ. They are covering the floor of the cafe with lines from different poets, and then covering it over with sealant. I got an email today saying, "I am pleased to inform you that your words will be walked on."

My little piece of a poem will be on the floor of the Anthology Cafe (51 E Main St., Mesa, AZ):

last night i told you
that you were thelma
and i was louise
and we were headed
straight for the grand canyon
you said you never saw that movie
and i said good
keep driving

Posted October 25, 2002 10:29 AM



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Now, I'm not a huge poetry buff... but can I paint that on my floor? I love it.

as long as it's not on the bathroom floor...

oh ... well, hmmm. okay then.

this is awesome news! (meghan's, not perceptionmanager's)I really like the concept of a poetry cafe too.. why don't we have one of those here?

maybe we should start one.