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Two Martins, One Love -

Two Martins, One Love - or - Why Are Boys Named Marty So Cool?

I have two friends named Marty. One of them I've known for two years, the other I've only known for two months. They are both very cool, and I would like to pay public tribute to them here.

Marty G. deserves tribute today for his unending patience with my constant requests for help in moving this website from Blogger to Moveable Type, and because today he actually installed it on my server for me (new site will be unveiled in a week -- cross your fingers!). Marty is nice, swell, a juggler, a poet, and intelligent. And when he smiles it's impossible not to smile back.

Marty G. (aka Grid, aka Mr. Clean)

Marty K. deserves tribute today because it's his birthday! The big 3-8. Yee-haw! I met Marty at National Poetry Slam. He was a kickass volunteer who came in from Seattle to offer his wisdom and muscle to the cause. He was indispensable, and in just a few days we established a strong friendship. He's one of those people who seems to have done just about everything in life, but is neither preachy nor braggy when relating his experiences. He is also one of the kindest and most passionate people I've ever met. And he has this fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants quality that I admire.

Don't let the look fool you, Marty K. is harmless.

So, to my two Martys: I adore you and I'm so glad I know you.

To the rest of my friends: I love you, too. I can already hear the cacophony of "Where the fuck is my tribute?" rattling in my inbox.

Posted October 28, 2002 9:45 PM



I think the key words here are "pay tribute" When will I get paid for my unending patience? Allas, it is a service to my community of fellow bloggers that I should so selflessly give and give, until my guts are spread out over the acres of internet that I have hewn... ;)Speaking of live journal, (which we weren't) doesn't it suck that you can't comment other than annonymously if you're not a member?

yes, it does. although, you can "sign" your name in the text box, genius.

you know how I feel about this business. . .

advertising sucks.

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